Together with the combination of long years of know-how in the paper and textile industries, CANECO aims to develop ecological, sustainable and innovative products for the textile industry.
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Being conscious of that we live in a world where natural resources are under increasing threat, we aim to reduce our environmental footprint with a comprehensive environmental management approach and sustainable production mission.
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CANECO has necessary certificates that make it easy to trace the source of the raw materials used in the production process and offer traceability commitment. In this way, Caneco aims to contribute to the transparency offered by textile producers in the production process.
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Caneco Environmentally-Friendly Solutions

Digital textile printing with a sustainable production mission
CANECO SILVA recycled sublimation transfer papers are part of Caneco’s mission to design and develop new products that respect both economic and environmentally friendly processes in sustainable textile production.


Environmental products that contribute to sustainability

Our Mission

Caneco acts with the mission of designing and developing new products that are used in both economic and environmentally friendly processes. Being conscious of that we live in a world where natural resources are under increasing threat, we aim to reduce our environmental footprint with a comprehensive environmental management approach that includes the following items.

Environmentally-Friendly Digital Textile Printing

To reduce the use of primary fibers in sublimation printing and to carry the awareness of environmentally-friendly digital textile printing

Protecting Our Planet

To maintain environmental approach in sublimation transfer printing process through using recycled factory waste and pre-consumer scrap papers.

Environmentally-Friendly raw materials

To choose textile raw materials, chemicals and processes with an environmentally friendly approach.

Using recycable resources

Using recyclable resources that are non-toxic and do not harm the physical environment.

Protecting Water Resources

To implement waterless production methods by encouraging the use of sustainable resources in all processes of textile production.

Low Contamination

Encouraging the use of recycled paper that causes 35% less water pollution, 45% less water use and 74% less air pollution compared to paper production from primary fibers.

Recycling wastes

Converting or recycling wastes such as water and textile products generated after production into harmless products for the environment.

Certified Production

To act with the importance given to Eco certification in textile processes.


We produce for more environmentally friendly and sustainable digital textile printing

Environmentally-Friendly Products

Caneco has the vision of sustainable design in digital textile printing and the vision of producing products with the same function with less environmental impact while maintaining quality.

Considering the social, economic, cultural, and environmental changes in recent years; undoubtedly, being a business that contributes to sustainability is possible by producing environmentally friendly products, by designing the production process of these products to be environmentally friendly, and by carrying out environmentally-friendly social responsibility activities as a whole.

With the mission of carrying environmental awareness to the paper printing process in digital printing and assuming responsibility in all ready-to-wear stages from the textile manufacturer to the end-user, Caneco acts with the aim of not using resources more than needed, not consuming them, and transferring them to future generations.

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