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We produced the world’s first recycled sublimation transfer paper!

We produced the world’s first recycled sublimation transfer paper!

CANECO, which was established with the subsidiary of Canapa Paper Technologies and Natura Tekstil, which has been operating in the textile sector for many years, started its operations in 2020.

Canapa Paper Technologies has been operating for over 40 years as one of Turkey’s leading companies in the paper industry. Canapa has become one of the most important milestones of the developing history of paper in our country, playing the leading role in the production and introduction of many new products related to paper.

Since 2005, producing “Sublimation Transfer Paper” for digital inkjet printers used in the textile industry, CANAPA is Turkey’s first sublimation paper producer. With its experience in paper production, processing, and production of paper raw material products, state-of-the-art Technologies, and systematically structured trained personnel, Canapa provides high-quality production standards to meet the quality expectations of textile manufacturers.

Starting its business life in the textile inks and chemistry sector in 1990, Natura Tekstil had been working with firms like I.C.I, Zeneca, Basf, Dystar, Ciba Geigy, Eurodye CTC, SF Dyes, and HCH operating in textile inks and chemistry industries, until the year 2006 when Natura passed on to digital textile printing segment. In 2006, Natura started its digital textile printing activities selling digital textile printing inks, and afterward, as a contract digital print manufacturer, has been one of the pioneering firms in Turkey to print digitally on fabric. Carrying on the digital textile printing adventure in MS Italy firm for 12 years, Natura has played an active role in every stage of development and production of many innovative machines. Natura continues to provide training in different environments and share its knowledge on the website in order to share its long years of experience in textile wet works and textile digital printing, and it also continues to invest in innovation in different branches of digital printing by attaching great importance to R&D.

CANECO, which set out with the slogan of “ECOLOGICAL PRACTICES & ECOLOGICAL RESULTS” with the combination of the long-standing know-how of both companies, aims to develop ecological and innovative products for the textile industry.

Founded with an innovative, sustainable, and environmentally friendly production mission, CANECO started its activities by introducing the world’s first recycled sublimation transfer paper to the market. The CANECO SILVA recycled sublimation paper series, produced entirely from recycled papers, has been produced in accordance with the environmentally friendly and sustainable policies of global textile companies. CANECO SILVA recycled sublimation paper is based on the vision of developing ideas for achieving the same quality and the same function with less environmental impact in digital textile printing with a sustainable design mission.

In addition to 100% recycled sublimation paper, CANECO continues its R&D activities on transfer printing on cotton fabrics and waterless production models in the textile industry and continues its activities with a sustainable production mission.

Our Mission

Digital Textile Printing That Does Not Damage Nature

Encouraging the use of recycled paper that causes 35% less water pollution, 45% less water use and 74% less air pollution compared to paper production from primary fibers.

Environmentally-Friendly raw materials

SILVA is made entirely from recycled papers, preventing the cutting of trees and using recyclable resources that do not harm the physical environment.

Using recycable resources

CANECO aims to transform or recycle waste generated after production into products that are harmless to the environment.

Certified Production

CANECO has certificates that make it easy to trace the source of the raw materials used in the production process and offer traceability commitment.

Waterless Production Technologies

CANECO aims to implement waterless production methods by encouraging the use of sustainable resources in all processes of textile production.

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CANECO products have the vision of developing ideas for achieving the same print quality and the same printing function with less environmental impact in digital textile printing with a sustainable production mission.

By consumers and textile manufacturers, the demand for responsible and sustainable products, and transparency in the supply chain is increasing. Caneco responds to these demands with the vision of transparent and sustainable production and meets these demands with innovative products.